Hello, I'd ideally like to set my DagsterDbtTransl...
# integration-dbt
Hello, I'd ideally like to set my DagsterDbtTranslator so that:
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def get_asset_key(self, dbt_resource_props: Mapping[str, Any]) -> AssetKey:
        """Get the Dagster dbt asset key from the dbt schema.

        :param dbt_resource_props: The dbt node JSON description.
        :return: The key to use for the dbt asset.
        if dbt_resource_props["config"].get("alias"):
            return AssetKey(dbt_resource_props["config"].get("alias"))
            return default_asset_key_fn(dbt_resource_props)
However, it seems that this would yield duplicate asset keys, which I don't understand since Dagster asset can be duplicated (at least python ones). Any way to bypass that error?
Dagster does not allow duplicate asset keys within a deployment, even for Python assets