Hi I'm trying to deploy dagster using docker conta...
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Hi I'm trying to deploy dagster using docker containers and I'm running into issues, for some reason my webserver loads the code fine, however doesn't seem to be receiving heartbeats from dagster-daemon even when the dagster-daemon container seems to be running. I'm wondering what approach I could try debugging this/ what might be causing this issue. If I try running Dagster-Daemon run directly in the webserver container it seems to work but in a seperate container there seem to be issues. For reference I've attached my docker-compose file below, my docker file, as well as my running daemon container, and how the webserver doesn't seem to be receiving any heartbeats.
What does your
look like? Run storage, event log storage, and schedule storage need to be accessed by both the webserver container and the daemon container - either both services point to the same database backend, or a shared volume for local filesystem storage.
Hi Lee yeah I eventually realized that run storage event log storage and schedule storage needs to be configured in the dagster.yaml file. Thanks for the response!