Hey! First of all: great work on the dbt integrati...
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Hey! First of all: great work on the dbt integration in 1.4, really loving it! We figured that we rely on the stdout/stderr logs now when using DbtCli and are configuring a compute log manager now as the logs do not show up anymore as structured event logs. I did find some threads and documentation but it is not clear to me if you plan to add the dbt logs to the structured event logs again in the future? Thanks in advance!
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If not, we need a custom solution here as within our company we already store our logs in Loki and it is undesirable to have a third log location configured (next to Loki and Dagster Postgres). I wouldn’t immediately know how to start connecting Loki through a CustomComputeLogManager. First: do you think it is possible? If so, do you have some example boiler plate code on how to get started with a custom compute log manager in general? It is not clear to me how the server should expose the logs exactly.
Our alerting relies atm on the structured logs. I really hope you plan on getting the dbt logs in there again
Thanks @rex !