Hello everyone! This article is not relevant anymo...
# deployment-kubernetes
Hello everyone! This article is not relevant anymore right? https://dev.to/vandebron/the-why-and-how-of-dagster-user-code-deployment-automation-48a2 Basically I'd like to know if I can deploy on a staging Dagster instance several code locations through continuous deployment (i.e. one code location for each of the opened PR). From my current understanding, that would mean: • open a PR -> create a pre-release version -> build / push my image • once the image is pushed, add an element to the deployments list
pointing to the correct image| • upgrade the user-deployments helm chart for the user-deployments to pick-up the new workspace Does that seem feasible?
Hey Quentin what your describing is currently best supported in Dagster Cloud (https://docs.dagster.io/dagster-cloud/managing-deployments/branch-deployments). That post you linked is still relevant While codelocation have been superceded by deployments in the python apis they still exist in the backend as code-servers/code-locations. What you are describing should be possible