Hello all, We’ve been experiencing significant slo...
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Hello all, We’ve been experiencing significant slowdowns following an upgrade from pydantic to pydantic 2. We are using Dagster in k8s cluster, using k8s ops, with Dasgster and Dagit version of 1.5.14. Until recently, we were using pydantic v1. About two weeks ago, we decided to upgrade to pydantic v2. Since then, we’ve noticed a considerable performance degradation in Dagster, particularly within the Dagit UI. Everything seems to be running significantly slower – our scheduler now takes much longer, and there are instances where Dagit doesn’t even load. Reverting to pydantic v1 is not an option for us. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to address these performance issues? We’ve observed the slowdowns specifically within Dagit, and any insights or recommendations on optimizing performance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance dagster bot responded by community
This might be a good question to post as a Github issue - you'll be more likely to get a response from the Dagster team there