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Tara Larrue

02/08/2024, 4:40 AM
what are some reasons why my dagster-user-code-services on k8s is still pulling the image, even after I overrode the image with an aws ecr repo in my values.yaml file and upgraded with helm?


02/08/2024, 4:40 AM
There could be several reasons why your
on Kubernetes is still pulling the
image instead of the AWS ECR repository image you specified in your
file. Here are some potential causes to investigate: 1. Helm Chart Values Not Updated Properly: Ensure that you have correctly updated the
file with the new image repository and tag. The
file should have the image repository and tag specified under the
section. 2. Helm Upgrade Command: After updating the
file, you need to run the
helm upgrade
command with the
flag to specify the path to your updated
file. For example:
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helm upgrade --install dagster dagster/dagster -f /path/to/your/updated/values.yaml
3. Image Pull Policy: If the image pull policy is set to
and the tag has not changed (for example, if you're using the
tag), Kubernetes will not attempt to pull a newer version of the image if it already exists on the node. Make sure to use a unique tag for the new image or set the pull policy to
. 4. Caching Issues: There might be caching issues at play. Kubernetes could be using a cached version of the Helm chart or the image. Clearing the cache or using a unique tag for the image might resolve this issue. 5. Incorrect Helm Release: Verify that you are upgrading the correct Helm release and namespace where your Dagster deployment is located. 6. Kubernetes Caching: Kubernetes might have cached the old image. You can try deleting the pods to force Kubernetes to pull the new image based on the updated deployment configuration. 7. Helm Chart Version: If you are using a Helm chart that does not support overriding the image repository and tag, or if there is a bug in the Helm chart, it might not respect the overrides in your
file. 8. Helm Template Rendering Issues: There could be an issue with how Helm is rendering the templates with your
file. You can use the
helm template
command to render the templates locally and verify that the output YAML is correct. If you have checked all the above and the issue persists, you may want to review the Helm chart documentation, the Kubernetes events for the pods, and the Helm release information to diagnose the problem further.