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Saif Alnajjar

02/09/2024, 9:50 PM
How can I add an extra index url for pip to install packages outside of PyPi inside of
for my package for Dagster?


02/09/2024, 9:50 PM
The documentation does not provide a direct example or instructions on how to add an extra index URL for pip inside of
for a package for Dagster. The
file is typically used to define metadata about your package, its dependencies, and other configuration options for packaging and distribution. However, specifying an extra index URL for pip is generally done in a
file or by using command-line options when running pip, rather than in the
file itself. To use an extra index URL with pip, you would typically add the
option to your pip install command, like so:
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bash pip install -e . --extra-index-url <https://your.custom.index.url>
Alternatively, you can configure pip to always use an extra index URL by creating or modifying a
file (usually located at
on Unix-like systems or
on Windows) with the following content:
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ini [global] extra-index-url = <https://your.custom.index.url>
This configuration will instruct pip to always check the additional index URL when installing packages. If you need to ensure that users of your package use an extra index URL when installing it, you might consider providing a
file with the
option included, or documenting the requirement to use the extra index URL in your package's installation instructions. For more specific guidance on how to handle this within the context of Dagster or if there are any Dagster-specific considerations, you would need to refer to Dagster's documentation or community resources, as the general Python packaging documentation does not cover this scenario.