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Alexis Manin

02/12/2024, 2:25 PM
Quick question : In a single Definitions object, I define two groups of assets (each with its own group_name). One of the groups has partition definition, the other has no partition defined. Asset groups are not bound (no input/output relation). Still, when trying to materialize the assets without partition, DAGster warns me that I have not chosen any partition. Is this a bug ? Or do I misunderstand partitions ? I thought that it was bound to assets individually, not to the overall definition. p.s: screenshots in thread, for clarity
My two asset groups:
And when trying to materialize "directory_product_list", which should not have any partition attached:
P.S: I use DAGster 1.6.3

Daniel Gafni

02/12/2024, 4:00 PM
it's a known bug, just ignore it for now
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