# ask-ai

Martin Laurent

02/14/2024, 1:00 PM
I want to have 2 different logic to materialize a same asset. Can I do it with software defined asset only? Do I need to use ops and explicit Assert Materialization for both logic?


02/14/2024, 1:00 PM
Based on the documentation, software-defined assets in Dagster are a way to define the computation for materializing an asset. The computation is encapsulated in an op (or a graph of ops), which is invoked to compute the contents of the asset. If you want to have two different logics to materialize the same asset, you would typically define two separate assets, each with its own logic. However, if you need to have two different logics for materializing what is conceptually the same asset, you might consider the following approaches: 1. Use two separate software-defined assets: Define two separate assets with different names and logic. This is the most straightforward approach, but it means you will have two distinct assets in your system. 2. Use a multi-asset: With a
decorator, you can define a single op that produces multiple assets. This could allow you to encapsulate different logic paths within the same op and yield different assets based on some condition. However, this still results in multiple distinct assets, even if they are produced by the same op. 3. Use conditional logic within an op: You could define an op with conditional logic that determines which computation path to follow based on some input or configuration. This op would then be used in a software-defined asset. However, this approach might not be as clear or maintainable as having separate assets. 4. Use explicit AssetMaterialization: If you need to have more control over the materialization process, you could use ops with explicit
events. This would give you the flexibility to define exactly when and how an asset is considered materialized, but it requires a more manual approach and is less declarative than using software-defined assets. The documentation does not explicitly state a way to have two different logics for materializing the same asset using only software-defined assets without considering ops or explicit
. If you need further customization or control over the materialization process, using ops and explicit
might be necessary. Remember that the choice between these approaches depends on your specific use case and the trade-offs you are willing to make in terms of complexity, maintainability, and clarity of your asset definitions.