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Bosmat Eldar

02/15/2024, 3:09 PM
how do I upgrade my dagster versions in my cloud deployment?


02/15/2024, 3:09 PM
To upgrade your Dagster versions in a cloud deployment, you can follow these general steps based on the documentation: 1. Upgrade the Helm chart (if you are using Kubernetes): - Update the Helm repository to get the latest charts:
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helm repo update
- Upgrade your Dagster Helm chart to the desired version using
helm upgrade
with your values file:
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helm upgrade --install dagster dagster/dagster -f /path/to/values.yaml
2. Scale down Dagster (if you are using Kubernetes): - Before running database migrations, scale down the Dagster webserver and daemon deployments to avoid any ongoing job runs writing to the database. 3. Check the Dagster migration guide: - Before starting the upgrade, check the [Dagster migration guide]( to see if there are any additional steps or considerations for the version you are upgrading to. 4. Back up your database: - Always back up your PostgreSQL database before performing an upgrade. 5. Upgrade CloudFormation for Amazon ECS (if applicable): - If you are using Amazon ECS, navigate to the deployed stack in your AWS console and click Update. - Select Replace current template and use the appropriate template URL for your deployment scenario (new VPC or existing VPC) to specify the Dagster Cloud version or upgrade to the latest template. 6. Configure deployment settings in Dagster Cloud: - Sign in to your Dagster Cloud account and navigate to the Deployments page. - Click the Settings button next to the deployment you want to configure and adjust the settings as needed. 7. Use the dagster-cloud CLI: - If you prefer using the CLI, you can set deployment settings from a file using the
dagster-cloud deployment settings set-from-file
command. Remember to follow the specific instructions for your deployment type and to check the documentation for any version-specific upgrade instructions. If you encounter any issues or have specific questions about the upgrade process, please refer to the documentation or seek assistance from the Dagster community or support channels. Upgrading CloudFormation for an Amazon E... button In what order should I upgrade Dagster? button Pinning Dagster version in Dagster Cloud... button Migrating a Dagster instance while upgra... button Thank you for your feedback!