# ask-community

Ilkka Peltola

02/15/2024, 6:18 PM
Very new to Dagster and trying to see how to do things. First, I was able to get our dbt project really easily into Dagster. What I then tried was to add also our Meltano jobs. This didn't work out due to dependency conflicts. (so far, just running a single dagster project locally, with dbt and meltano repositories cloned inside as submodules). I imagined that I could somehow contanerize the meltano runs into a separate environment, right? Eventually, I might need to add more too. At the moment, we run our meltano jobs as ECS tasks and I was first trying to see if I can just invoke an ECS task conveniently from Dagster - can I? Or, what's the right approach to try? I saw also that there's the 'user code docker' thing ( Do I understand it correctly that the Dagster way to do it would be to build a Docker that includes Meltano, then implements a Dagster function in the same Docker and then I can call that for my Meltano jobs? Eventually, I want to run my jobs in ECS. Will this approach work there too?