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Darryl Ng

02/16/2024, 5:43 AM
One of my asset materialization is failing with error "Run timed out due to taking longer than 180 seconds to cancel". Is there a way to change the limit of my dbt model materialization?


02/16/2024, 5:43 AM
The error message you're encountering indicates that the run exceeded the time limit set for cancelation. In Dagster, you can configure timeouts for various stages of a run, including the time it takes to cancel a run. The
configuration option allows you to set a time limit for how long runs can hang in the CANCELING state before being marked as canceled. To adjust the timeout for your dbt model materialization, you would typically look for ways to configure the
setting. However, the documentation does not provide a direct example of how to set this for a dbt model materialization specifically. If you are using Dagster Cloud, you can set the
in the
under the
section. The default value for
is 1200 seconds (20 minutes), but you can adjust this to a higher value if you need more time for your dbt model materialization to cancel cleanly. Here is an example of how you might configure this in `dagster.yaml`:
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yaml run_monitoring:   cancel_timeout_seconds: 3600  # Set to 1 hour, for example
Please note that this configuration is for Dagster Cloud and may not apply if you are using a different deployment type. If you are not using Dagster Cloud or if you need further assistance with configuring timeouts for dbt model materialization, please refer to the specific documentation for your deployment type or consider reaching out to the community for more targeted support.