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02/20/2024, 8:00 AM
How to run a dbt job if the dbt project is not in the same instance as the Dagster project ?


02/20/2024, 8:00 AM
If your dbt project is not located in the same instance as your Dagster project, the documentation provides guidance on how to handle this scenario, particularly when deploying your Dagster project to production. Here are the steps you should follow according to the documentation: 1. Include any secrets required by your dbt project in your CI/CD environment. This is important because your dbt project will need access to these secrets to connect to the data warehouse or other services it interacts with. 2. Clone the dbt project repository as a subdirectory of your Dagster project. During your CI/CD process for your Dagster project, you should include a step that clones the dbt project into a location that is accessible to the Dagster project. This ensures that the dbt commands can be executed as part of your Dagster workflows. 3. Run
dbt deps
to build your dbt project's dependencies.
This command installs the dependencies listed in your dbt project's
file. 4. Run
dbt parse
to create a dbt manifest for your Dagster project.
This step generates a manifest file that Dagster can use to understand the structure of your dbt project and its models. Additionally, if you are managing your dbt project in a separate git repository from your Dagster project, you should set up a dispatch action in your CI/CD workflows for your dbt project. This dispatch action will trigger a deployment of your Dagster project when your dbt project changes. For more detailed guidance and best practices, you can refer to the [dagster-dbt integration reference]( in the documentation. Running multiple dbt cloud jobs with ove... button Cannot govern multiple dbt projects with... button How to deploy a Dagster project with a d... button How do I deploy an existing Dagster proj... button Thank you for your feedback!