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02/20/2024, 11:30 AM
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02/20/2024, 11:30 AM
The error message you're encountering indicates that a connection attempt was refused. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but typically it means that the service you're trying to reach isn't available at the specified network address (IP and port), or a firewall is blocking the connection. Here are some steps you can take to debug this issue: 1. Check Service Availability: Ensure that the service you're trying to connect to is up and running. If it's a web service or a database, verify that it's accessible from the machine where you're running the
dagster dev
command. 2. Network Configuration: If the service is running, check that the network configuration is correct. This includes the correct IP address, port number, and any necessary routing rules. 3. Firewall Settings: Verify that there are no firewall rules blocking the connection to the service. This could be on your local machine, within your network, or on the service provider's side. 4. AWS Credentials: Since the stack trace mentions
, which is part of the AWS SDK for Python, make sure that your AWS credentials are correctly configured. This could be through environment variables, an AWS credentials file, or IAM roles if running on an EC2 instance. 5. Dagster Configuration: The warning message at the end suggests that there's a schedule (
) that references a location (
) which is no longer available in the workspace. This could be related to the connection issue if the schedule is trying to access resources that are not available. You might need to update your Dagster workspace configuration to point to the correct location or remove the schedule if it's no longer needed. 6. Logs and Monitoring: Check any logs or monitoring tools you have for the service you're trying to connect to. They might provide more information on why the connection is being refused. If after checking these items the issue persists, you may want to look for more specific error messages in the logs or consider reaching out to the service provider for assistance.