# ask-ai

Fernando Cagua

02/22/2024, 5:16 AM
Is it possible to add a description to a schedule and see it in Dagster’s UI?


02/22/2024, 5:16 AM
As of my knowledge cutoff date, the documentation does not explicitly mention the ability to add a description to a
that would be visible in Dagster's UI. The primary way to define a schedule in Dagster is through the
class, and the documentation provides examples of how to create a schedule, but it does not mention a description field for schedules. If you need to provide additional context or information about a schedule, you might consider including comments in the code where the schedule is defined or using descriptive naming conventions for the schedule itself. However, for visibility within the UI, there is no documented feature that allows for adding a description to a schedule that would be displayed in the UI. If this feature has been added after my knowledge cutoff date or if there are updates to the documentation, I would recommend checking the latest Dagster documentation or the release notes for the most current information.