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Simon Ammer

02/22/2024, 9:55 AM
How can I use SQLite for local development?


02/22/2024, 9:55 AM
To use SQLite for local development with Dagster, you can follow these general steps based on the documentation: 1. Create a SQLite Database: You can create a simple SQLite database, such as
, and define the necessary tables within it. SQLite databases are file-based, so they are easy to set up and use for local development. 2. Define Functions for Database Operations: Define functions for operations you want to perform on the database. For example, you might define a function for an upsert operation, which will insert a new record if the ID doesn't exist or update the existing record if the ID is found. 3. Perform Database Operations: Use the defined functions to perform operations on the database, such as inserting or updating records. 4. Retrieve and Print Records: You can write functions to retrieve data from the database and print or return the results for further processing. The documentation provides an example where these steps are used to illustrate the basic logic of an upsert command without using SQLite's specific
commands. This is to demonstrate the fundamental logic of checking if a record exists and updating it if it does or creating it if it does not. For configuring SQLite as the storage backend in your Dagster instance, you can specify the storage configuration in your
file. Here's an example from the documentation:
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yaml storage:   sqlite:     base_dir: /path/to/dir
Or, if you prefer to use an environment variable to specify the base directory, you can configure it like this:
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yaml storage:   sqlite:     base_dir:       env: SQLITE_STORAGE_BASE_DIR
Remember that while SQLite is great for local development and simple tutorials, it is not typically used for production data engineering workflows due to its limitations, such as lack of concurrency support. For production environments, it's recommended to use more robust databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL. If you encounter any issues or have specific questions about using SQLite with Dagster, feel free to ask for further assistance.