# ask-ai

Selim Raboudi

02/22/2024, 11:05 PM
@Scout there is a mistake in the docs that you helped me catch through one of your answers. Is there a slack channel where I can report the mistake so it gets fixed ?


02/22/2024, 11:08 PM
Yes, you can report the mistake in the Dagster community Slack. We strongly encourage you to join [Dagster's Slack](, as it's the main real-time gathering place for the community. However, if you want a question or issue to be seen by the Dagster team, the best place to post it is in Github. If you run into any bugs or documentation issues, you can let us know with a [Github issue]( We use Github Issues to track all bugs and feature requests from the community, and we welcome issues submitted by users. If you find a Github issue that seems like it’s related to the issue you’re experiencing, but you're not sure, don’t be shy about posting on that Github issue to ask. We can redirect it to a different issue if necessary.