# dagster-plus

Aman Gottumukkala

02/23/2024, 4:10 AM
Is there a way to materialize all partitions for an asset manually without having to click through each one in the launchpad?
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Mathieu Larose

02/23/2024, 2:04 PM
Hello @Aman Gottumukkala, tell me if this work for you: 1. Go to the assets view and pick an asset with no materialized partitions (let's start with one that has no "unmaterialized" dependencies)
You should see this view and at the top you should be able to select partitions. Hit the materialize button
you should be able to confirm and launch a backfill to materialize all those partitions. (the warning in my screenshot is because in my local dev environment I am using the DefaultRunLauncher which is not great a launching a many jobs at once).
does that help?