# ask-ai


02/23/2024, 8:12 AM
Is it possible to re-execute a failed run, but with edited tag, for example the tag dagster/k8s?


02/23/2024, 8:12 AM
Based on the documentation, it is possible to re-execute a failed run using Dagster's re-execution capabilities. However, the documentation does not explicitly state that you can edit tags, such as
, when re-executing a failed run. There is a related discussion and an open issue on Dagster's GitHub that suggests the ability to modify tags for retried ops is not currently supported but is recognized as a desired feature. The issue titled "Support modifying tags for retried ops" discusses the need to change tags, for example, to increase Kubernetes pod resources in case of an OOMKilled event. This indicates that the functionality to edit tags during re-execution is not yet available but is being considered by the Dagster team. Therefore, as of the last update from the documentation and the GitHub issues, it is not possible to re-execute a failed run with edited tags such as
. If this feature is critical for your use case, you may want to follow the progress of the related GitHub issue for any updates on its implementation.