# ask-ai

Selim Raboudi

02/23/2024, 6:18 PM
@Scout dagster cloud is not installing my packages dependencies. What could be the problem ?


02/23/2024, 6:18 PM
If you're experiencing issues with package dependencies not being installed in Dagster Cloud, there are a few potential causes and solutions to consider: 1. Deployment Method: If you are deploying to Dagster Cloud Serverless and using dbt core with dbt dependencies, you might encounter an error message indicating that dbt packages specified in
were not installed. To address this, you may need to modify your deployment method to ensure that dependencies are installed. For instance, if you are using Dagster's GitHub action workflow, you should modify the
file to disable fast deploys by setting
. If you are deploying using the CLI, use
dagster-cloud deploy-docker
instead of
dagster-cloud deploy-python-executable
. 2. Post-Install Script: Create a file named
in the root of your Dagster project. This file should include the
dbt deps
command to install dbt dependencies. Make sure to make this file executable by running
chmod +x
and add it to your Git repository. 3. GitHub Action Logs: If you've followed the steps above and still encounter errors, check the GitHub action logs for errors in the
dbt deps
command. The logs may provide insights into why the deployment was not successful. 4. File Permissions: If you see an error with exit code 126, it indicates that the
file is not executable. You should re-attempt to make the file executable and re-commit it to your repository. 5. dbt-related Errors: If you continue to see dbt-related errors and your project won't load in Dagster Cloud, it's important to ensure that all steps have been followed correctly and to check for any additional errors that might be indicated in the logs or output. If you've checked all of these potential issues and are still facing problems, it may be helpful to provide more specific details about your deployment setup or to reach out to Dagster support for further assistance.