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Shane Keller

02/25/2024, 3:07 AM
Can I dynamically set env variables depending on the op


02/25/2024, 3:07 AM
The documentation does not explicitly describe a method for dynamically setting environment variables specifically based on the op being executed. Environment variables are typically set at the deployment level and are accessible to all components of the system, including all ops. However, if you need to parameterize behavior by environment without modifying your application code, you can create multiple instances of the same environment variable with different values for different scopes, such as full deployments or branch deployments. This allows you to use different values in different environments, but it is not specific to individual ops. To access environment variables within your Dagster code, you can use the standard Python
method. Here's an example from the documentation:
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import os

database_name = os.getenv("DATABASE_NAME")
This approach allows you to retrieve the value of an environment variable within an op, but the environment variable itself would need to be set before the pipeline run and would not be specific to an individual op. If you require more granular control over configuration within specific ops, you might consider using Dagster's config system, which allows you to pass in parameters when you define your pipeline runs. This is not the same as setting environment variables dynamically, but it does allow for dynamic configuration of ops. For more detailed guidance on how to implement this in your specific use case, you would need to refer to the documentation or consider reaching out to the community for patterns that others may have used in similar situations. Dagster Cloud environment variables and ... button Safe and Easy: Managing Secrets in Dagst... button Using environment variables and secrets ... button Setting Dagster Cloud environment variab... button Thank you for your feedback!