# ask-ai

Kaito Oka

02/25/2024, 6:47 AM
About the MultiPartitionsDefinition, official document says 'We recommended limiting partition counts for each asset to 25,000 partitions or fewer', but why? I'm going to use MultiPartitionsDefinition in my project and possibly create more partitions than the advised limitation, so I want to know the background.


02/25/2024, 6:47 AM
We recommend limiting the number of partitions for each asset to 25,000 or fewer because assets with partition counts exceeding this limit will likely have slower load times in the UI. This recommendation is in place to ensure that the user interface remains responsive and that the performance of the system is not adversely affected by an excessive number of partitions. When the number of partitions is too high, it can lead to performance issues such as longer load times when accessing partition-related information within the Dagster interface. It's important to consider this recommendation when designing your system to ensure that you maintain a balance between the granularity of partitioning and the overall system performance. If you anticipate that your use case will require more partitions than the recommended limit, it may be worth considering alternative approaches to partitioning or discussing your specific requirements with the Dagster community for further guidance. What is a reasonable limit for a number ... button Partitioning assets | Dagster button Is there a limit to the number of assets... button Runtime / dynamic asset partitions button Thank you for your feedback!