# ask-ai

Aki Iwa

02/26/2024, 2:58 AM
I want to add custom colors to the tags of Dagster’s ops. Is that possible?


02/26/2024, 2:58 AM
The documentation does not provide information about customizing the colors of tags for ops in Dagster. Tags in Dagster are used to attach metadata to runs and can contain any information you want, but the customization of their appearance, such as colors, is not covered in the documentation. If you are looking to customize the UI elements of Dagster, such as tag colors, this might not be supported directly through Dagster's current features. However, you can always check the latest updates in the documentation or reach out to the community for any new developments or workarounds that might have been introduced. Ability to add custom tags to assets and... button Question about providing different tags ... button How do I add the little tags to ops to s... button Tags option for assets/graph_assets button Thank you for your feedback!