# ask-ai

Caelan Schneider

02/26/2024, 7:39 PM
Is it possible to mark an asset as deprecated either through the code or the UI?


02/26/2024, 7:39 PM
As of the last update from the documentation, there is no built-in feature in Dagster to mark an asset as deprecated directly through the code or the UI. However, there has been a feature request for better support for asset deprecation, suggesting the addition of a
parameter to the
decorator and corresponding UI changes to handle deprecated assets. This feature request is still open and under consideration by the Dagster team, as indicated by a Github Issue discussing the use case and potential implementation ideas. For now, if you want to indicate that an asset is deprecated, you could potentially use custom tags or naming conventions to signal to other developers that an asset should no longer be used or is scheduled for removal. However, this would be an informal solution and would not include any built-in UI support or enforcement by Dagster itself.