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Marie Hénaff

02/28/2024, 10:02 PM
I have a kubernetes deployment of dagster, how can I configure the resources for the run pods


02/28/2024, 10:02 PM
To configure the resources for the run pods in a Kubernetes deployment of Dagster, you can use the
field in your Helm chart configuration. This field allows you to specify the Kubernetes configuration for the pods that are created for each run. Here's an example of how you might configure the resources for the run pods:
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yaml runLauncher:   type: K8sRunLauncher   config:     k8sRunLauncher:       runK8sConfig:         containerConfig:           resources:             limits:               cpu: "1000m"               memory: "2000Mi"             requests:               cpu: "500m"               memory: "700Mi"
In this example, the
dictionary within
is used to set the resource requests and limits for the CPU and memory of the run pods. You can adjust these values according to the resource requirements of your jobs. Please refer to the documentation for more detailed information and additional configuration options for your Kubernetes deployment.