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Marie Hénaff

02/29/2024, 12:03 AM
I have a kubernetes deployment of dagster. My webserver pod is failing to start with error "connect: connection refused". What could be the cause?


02/29/2024, 12:03 AM
If your Dagster webserver pod is failing to start with a "connect: connection refused" error, there could be several potential causes. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue, based on the documentation: 1. Check Pod Status: First, ensure that all the necessary pods are running correctly. You can check the status of the pods using the following command:
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kubectl get pods
You should see the webserver pod, along with other Dagster-related pods, listed as
. If the webserver pod is not in the
state, it may be crashing or failing to start. 2. Review Pod Logs: To get more insight into the error, you can look at the logs of the webserver pod:
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kubectl logs <dagster-webserver-pod-name>
with the actual name of your webserver pod. The logs may provide detailed error messages that can help identify the issue. 3. Check Service Configuration: Ensure that the Kubernetes service for the webserver is configured correctly and that the port numbers match what the webserver is expecting. If there is a port mismatch or misconfiguration, it could lead to connection issues. 4. Network Policies: If you have network policies in place, they may be preventing connections to the webserver pod. Ensure that the necessary ingress and egress rules are configured to allow traffic to and from the webserver pod. 5. Resource Limits: Check if there are any resource limits set on the webserver pod that might be causing it to fail. Insufficient resources can lead to pods being unable to start. 6. Startup Probes: If you have startup probes configured for the webserver pod, ensure that they are not failing. A failing startup probe can cause Kubernetes to kill the pod before it's fully up and running. 7. Debugging Commands: The documentation provides some commands that can help with debugging issues when deploying on Kubernetes with Helm. For example, you can start a shell in the webserver pod to investigate further:
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kubectl exec --stdin --tty $DAGSTER_WEBSERVER_POD_NAME -- /bin/bash
with the actual name of your webserver pod. If after following these steps you are still encountering issues, it may be helpful to provide more specific error messages or logs for further diagnosis. Additionally, you can check if there are any known issues or discussions in the Dagster community that might be related to your problem.