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Ismael Rodrigues

02/29/2024, 5:31 PM
Hey, I've asked Scout enough times but he was unable to help me, so here I am. So, I have a MultiPartitoined Asset that has downstream assets and then the dbt assets My problem here is that if I use the same partitions_def for everyone, my dbt assets will keep waiting til all the partitoins are materialized on the previous asset, which uses only one of them Example: my_first_asset -> 2024-01-01|ENTITY1 my_first_asset -> 2024-01-01|ENTITY2 my_first_asset -> 2024-01-01|ENTITY3 my_multi_asset -> 2024-01-01|ENTITY1 -> my_asset_entity1 my_multi_asset -> 2024-01-01|ENTITY2 -> my_asset_entity2 my_dbt_asset -> waits for my_asset_entity1 partition 2024-01-01|ENTITY2 my_dbt_asset -> waits for my_asset_entity2 partition 2024-01-01|ENTITY1 This last scenario will never happen. Scout recommended me creating a CustomPartitionMapping, but he was unable to generate me a functional example also, I've tried using only one asset to deal with partitions, but dbt_assets don't accept more than one assetkey on its params and when I use the meta tag dagster asset_key it just ignores my dependency