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02/29/2024, 8:48 PM
1. Dagster will launch a task in ECS which then invokes a lambda function. Runs are carried out by your RunLauncher, which defines what infrastructure your code runs on. I don't believe there's a lambda-based run launcher. 2. Lots of ways to do this. One option is a standard nginx reverse proxy. You might want to poke around Github Discussions and see if anyone has posted any solutions there. I don't think there's a solution to limiting access to certain projects within the same UI 3. Multiple projects are usually structured and isolated using code locations 4. They have notes on ECS deployment here, which points you to the docker compose ecs extension but that's been deprecated by docker. So I'm not sure about any existing cloudformation templates for open source deployments 5. Not sure how users are doing this, if I went back to open source I'd rely heavily on local deployments. I'd probably just spin up whole isolated deployments in CI/CD to run end to end integration tests, and destroy them when the PR is closed. It should be pretty straightforward once you've got the deployment pieces in IaaC 6. Multiple environment support is also handled through code locations. Each code location points to its own image, each of which can be produced from different repositories if necessary
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