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Le Yang

03/01/2024, 12:12 AM
How to write iceberg using io manager


03/01/2024, 12:12 AM
The documentation does not provide a specific example or guidance on writing to Iceberg tables using an IO manager. However, it does mention that Dagster can support Iceberg tables as assets and that Dagster's notion of a partition is only loosely coupled to the way the storage system represents partitions. This implies that while Dagster can work with Iceberg tables, the specifics of how to write to them using an IO manager are not detailed in the documentation. If you need to write to Iceberg tables and want to use an IO manager in Dagster, you would typically need to create a custom IO manager that handles the specifics of Iceberg's API for writing data. This custom IO manager would implement the
method to write data to Iceberg tables and the
method to read data from Iceberg tables. Here's a general outline of steps you might take to create a custom IO manager for Iceberg, based on the principles of IO managers in Dagster: 1. Define a new class that inherits from
. 2. Implement the
method to include logic for writing to Iceberg tables. 3. Implement the
method to include logic for reading from Iceberg tables. 4. Configure your custom IO manager with any necessary settings for connecting to Iceberg. 5. Use your custom IO manager in your assets by specifying the
in the
decorator. Please note that this is a high-level outline and the actual implementation will depend on the Iceberg API and how you want to interact with it. Since the documentation does not provide a specific example for Iceberg, you may need to refer to Iceberg's documentation and potentially seek community support or further examples for guidance on integrating Iceberg with Dagster's IO managers.