# dagster-plus

Dmitry Volodin

03/01/2024, 8:51 AM
Hello. I have a problem with serverless run. The run (hourly partitioned asset) started an 10 AM on 1 of January 2024 and failed at 7:29 PM on 24 of February. I didn't get any alerts or warnings. The run didn't had any computations. Seems like it just hadn't started and agent couldn't see that. So now we are charged with extra almost 400 USD. Please, can someone from support reach me in PM as quickly as possible to help me with this case?
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Gareth Brickman

03/01/2024, 2:05 PM
Hey Dmitry, we received your message from our contact form and will respond to your private email address given there 👍

Dmitry Volodin

03/01/2024, 2:15 PM
Thank you, @Gareth Brickman
My problem is solved. I want to thank you and your support team. You are awesome!:)
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