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Ivan G

03/04/2024, 3:14 PM
Hi folks! I've got the noob question about sensors We have two separate code locations / deployments in our open-source set up. We have a lot of assets in those two deployments. Also we have an asset which depends on the asset from the other deployment. We need some sensor logic to check if the job from code location/deployment #1 is done and then trigger the asset from code location/deployment #2. Which approach would be best in our case? 1. Create a sensor in code_location #2 which will check an asset/job status from code_location #1 and then trigger a materialization in code_location #2 a. Can we refer to a job name in this case? Is it enough for the sensor? I don't want to mix those two code_location in one folder (to import assets from 1 location into the 2nd) 2. Create some op in code_location #1: when the asset has been materialized then trigger the materialization of the code_location #2 asset via REST API