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Radek Tomšej

03/04/2024, 6:59 PM
what is a healthcheck for dagster code location?


03/04/2024, 6:59 PM
A health check for a Dagster code location typically refers to a mechanism that verifies whether the code location is loadable and accessible by Dagster's tools, such as the CLI, UI, and Dagster Cloud. A code location in Dagster is a collection of definitions loadable and accessible by these tools, and it comprises a reference to a Python module that has an instance of
in a top-level variable, as well as a Python environment that can successfully load that module. The health check would ensure that the code location's Python environment is properly set up, the module can be loaded without errors, and the
instance is correctly configured. This is important for the smooth operation of Dagster, as code locations are loaded in a different process and communicate with Dagster system processes over an RPC mechanism. While the documentation does not explicitly describe a specific "health check" endpoint or command for code locations, the concept of a health check would involve verifying the above aspects to ensure that the code location is operational and that any updates to user code can be picked up by the Dagster webserver/UI without a restart. For more detailed information on how to implement or use health checks for code locations in Dagster, you would typically refer to the deployment and operational documentation specific to your environment, such as Kubernetes, Docker, or other orchestration tools that might provide health checking capabilities.