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03/04/2024, 8:38 PM
How do I set up and use a adls2 resource?


03/04/2024, 8:38 PM
To set up and use an ADLS2 (Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2) resource in Dagster, you would typically follow these steps: 1. Install the Necessary Libraries: Ensure that you have the necessary libraries installed to interact with ADLS2. This might involve installing the
package, which includes tools for working with Azure resources, including ADLS2. 2. Define the ADLS2 Resource: Define a resource in Dagster that encapsulates the configuration and authentication details required to interact with ADLS2. This would typically involve specifying your Azure storage account name, Azure storage account key, and any other necessary configuration details. 3. Use the Resource in Your Assets or Jobs: Once the resource is defined, you can use it within your assets or jobs to interact with ADLS2. This could involve reading from or writing to ADLS2 as part of your data processing logic. However, the documentation provided does not include a specific example or detailed instructions on setting up an ADLS2 resource. For the exact configuration options and usage patterns, you would need to refer to the official Dagster documentation or the source code for the
package. If you encounter any issues or need further guidance on setting up an ADLS2 resource, you can explore the Dagster documentation for Azure integrations, seek help from the Dagster community, or check for any examples provided by the Dagster team that demonstrate the use of Azure resources.