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Peter Lim

03/06/2024, 4:57 PM
how do I add a run hook to asset materialization?


03/06/2024, 4:57 PM
As of the information available to me, adding hooks directly to asset materialization is not a feature that is explicitly supported by the documentation. However, there have been discussions and feature requests in the Dagster community regarding the ability to use hooks with software-defined assets. From the issues in the Dagster Github repository, it appears that users have requested the ability to use hooks with assets, and some have proposed workarounds. For example, one user suggested setting the hook in
and using
to dictate the behavior of the hook. This is considered a workaround and not the preferred behavior. Here is an example from a Github issue where a user shared their workaround:
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python @success_hook def slack_message_on_success(context: HookContext):     if context.op.tags.get("success_message"):         message = (             f"{} with tags {context.op.tags} in job {context.job_name} succeeded."         )         <|>(message)  @asset(       op_tags={"success_message": True}, ) def my_asset():     ...
This approach uses the
to pass information to the hook, but as the user mentioned, it is a hacky solution. Another related issue discusses the possibility of defining post-run hooks on asset jobs, which indicates that this is a feature that users are interested in, but it may not be currently available in a straightforward manner. If you are looking to implement hooks for asset materialization, you might need to consider similar workarounds or keep an eye on the progress of these feature requests in the Dagster Github repository. For the most up-to-date information and potential new features, you should refer to the latest Dagster documentation or check for updates on the Github issues and discussions.