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Влад Паркаренко

03/06/2024, 5:15 PM
@Scout Can I use the docker container on Dagster Cloud for a browser and a web driver installation for running the Selenium script?


03/06/2024, 5:15 PM
The documentation does not explicitly mention using Docker containers on Dagster Cloud for running Selenium scripts or installing web drivers and browsers. However, it does provide information on how to use custom Docker images with Dagster Cloud, which could be relevant to your use case. To run custom code that requires specific dependencies, such as a browser and a web driver for Selenium, you can build and upload a custom Docker image that includes these dependencies. Here's a general approach based on the documentation: 1. Build a Custom Docker Image: Create a Docker image that includes the necessary dependencies for your Selenium script, such as the web driver and browser you need. 2. Include Dagster Dependencies: Ensure that the
module is installed in your custom Docker image. This can be done by adding
RUN pip install "dagster-cloud[serverless]"
to your
. 3. Upload the Custom Image: Once your custom Docker image is built, you can upload it to Dagster Cloud using the
dagster-cloud serverless upload-base-image
command. This command will provide you with a tag that identifies your image in Dagster Cloud. 4. Use the Custom Image: To use the uploaded custom Docker image in Dagster Cloud, you would reference the
provided by the upload command in your deployment configuration. Please note that this approach assumes you have the necessary permissions and access to manage Docker images and deployments on Dagster Cloud. If you need more specific guidance or if your use case has particular requirements not covered here, I recommend checking the documentation for any updates or reaching out to the Dagster community for more detailed support.