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03/07/2024, 6:43 AM
dagster start a job


03/07/2024, 6:43 AM
To start a job in Dagster, you typically use the Dagit web interface or the Dagster CLI (command-line interface). Here's how you can start a job using both methods: ### Using Dagit (Web Interface) 1. Navigate to the Dagit web interface in your browser. 2. Find the job you want to start from the list of available jobs. 3. Click on the job to view its details. 4. Click on the "Launchpad" tab within the job's detail page. 5. Configure any required run configuration for the job. 6. Click the "Launch Run" button to start the job. ### Using the Dagster CLI To start a job using the CLI, you can use the
dagster job execute
command followed by the necessary options to specify the job and its configuration. Here's an example command:
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sh dagster job execute -f -j pandas_hello_world -c pandas_hello_world/ops.yaml -c pandas_hello_world/env.yaml
In this example: -
specifies the Python file where the job is defined. -
-j pandas_hello_world
specifies the name of the job to execute. -
-c pandas_hello_world/ops.yaml
-c pandas_hello_world/env.yaml
specify the configuration files for the job. Please note that the exact command may vary depending on how your job is defined and what configurations it requires. Remember to replace
, and the configuration file paths with the actual names and paths relevant to your job. For more detailed instructions and options, you can always run
dagster job execute --help
to see the available options and usage information in the CLI. Keep in mind that the job must be defined in your Dagster project, and you need to have the Dagster environment properly set up to execute jobs using either method.