# dagster-feedback

Henry Tareque

03/07/2024, 9:58 PM
Feature request discussion: ability to specify and embed a job config in a url that opens the launchpad in browser and will autofill the config. That way a non-technical user can click a link, open the launchpad have the custom config autofilled and just click run. Context: I use dagster to automatically sync data between two systems. I send emails of the results back to the users. Sometimes there is a data issue that the user needs to fix. It would be great if in the email I send, I can dynamically generate a dagster launchpad url (say
<><some base64 encoded config string>
that autofills a config to retry that one failed item. Alternatives: I could set up a separate job with a predefined config, but the user would still have to correctly specify the item id to retry. I could also set up a separate server that triggers a dagster run using the graphql API, but thats more involved. I could include the config in each email, but then the user still has to copy and paste. I guess the crux of the issue is: I know ahead of time what the config will need to be for a user, and it would be great if I could have it pre-filled for them just by following a URL. I think manually writing out a config by a non-technical user can be prone to whitespace/syntax mistakes. A more limited but user friendly config entry form would be cool.
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