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Shane Keller

03/09/2024, 5:08 PM
Can you configure asset selection in the job configuration at runtime


03/09/2024, 5:08 PM
Based on the documentation, asset selection for a job is defined at the time of job construction and not at runtime. The
parameter of a job specifies the assets that will be materialized or observed when the job is run. This selection must be included in the assets that are passed to the
argument of the
object that the job is included on. The documentation states that the selection will be resolved to a set of assets when the location is loaded. If the selection resolves to all source assets, the created job will perform source asset observations. If the selection resolves to all regular assets, the created job will materialize assets. If the selection resolves to a mixed set of source assets and regular assets, an error will be thrown. Therefore, the asset selection is part of the job's static definition and is not meant to be configured at runtime through the job's run configuration. The run configuration is used to provide parameters to jobs at the time they're executed, such as parameters for resources or software-defined assets, but not for altering the asset selection of a job.