# ask-ai

James Colvin

03/11/2024, 7:47 PM
What features of dagster are only available on dagster cloud, not in dagster open source?


03/11/2024, 7:47 PM
Dagster Cloud extends the capabilities of open-source Dagster by providing features that are particularly useful for enterprises that require stability, security, and scalability. Some features that are available in Dagster Cloud but not in the open-source version of Dagster include: 1. Managed Control Plane: In Dagster Cloud, we host the entire control plane of the orchestrator, which means users don't need to worry about infrastructure upgrades, database administration, scaling, uptime, or backwards compatibility. 2. Zero-downtime Deployments: Dagster Cloud allows for deployments without downtime, enabling continuous integration and delivery workflows. 3. Workspace Configuration via API: Unlike Dagster Open Source, Dagster Cloud doesn't require a
file. Instead, users can configure their workspace using the Dagster Cloud API. 4. Hybrid Deployment Support: Dagster Cloud supports hybrid deployments, where the control plane is hosted in Dagster Cloud, but the actual computation can run in the user's environment, whether that's Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, Docker, or a local agent. 5. Security: Dagster Cloud ensures that user code remains completely isolated in the user environment, with all data flow and network requests being unidirectional from user environments to Dagster Cloud. 6. Branch Deployments: Dagster Cloud provides out-of-the-box functionality for branch deployments, which is not available in the open-source version. These features are designed to reduce the operational burden on teams and allow them to focus on building data pipelines rather than managing the underlying infrastructure. Dagster Cloud is tailored for organizations that prefer a hosted service with enterprise-grade features.