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Zaighum Rajput

03/13/2024, 4:24 AM
How do I cast an EnvVar as an int?


03/13/2024, 4:25 AM
To cast an
as an integer in Dagster, you can use the
method. This method is designed to retrieve the value of an environment variable and cast it to an integer. Here's an example of how you might use it:
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python from dagster import EnvVar  # Accessing an integer environment variable database_port = <|>("DATABASE_PORT")
In this example,
is the name of the environment variable that contains the integer value you want to retrieve and use in your Dagster code. Please note that if the environment variable is not set or if the value cannot be cast to an integer, this will raise an error. Make sure that the environment variable exists and contains a valid integer value before using it in your code.