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03/13/2024, 5:27 AM
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03/13/2024, 5:27 AM
The error message you're encountering,
DagsterInvalidInvocationError: Decorated function has context argument, but no context was provided when invoking.
, suggests that a function decorated as an asset or op in Dagster expects a context object to be passed to it, but it was not provided during invocation. In Dagster, assets and ops can take a context parameter that provides runtime information about the execution environment, such as configuration data and resources. When you invoke an asset or op directly, for example in a test or a script, you need to provide this context explicitly if the asset or op is defined to accept it. The documentation provides an example of how to build a context for testing purposes using the
function. Here's a simplified example based on the documentation:
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python from dagster import build_hook_context, asset  @asset def my_asset(context):     # Your asset logic here     pass  # When testing or invoking the asset directly, you need to provide a context. context = build_hook_context() my_asset(context)
If you're encountering this error during normal execution within a Dagster pipeline, it could be due to a misconfiguration or an incorrect invocation pattern. Ensure that you are not manually invoking the asset or op in a way that bypasses Dagster's execution engine, which automatically provides the context during pipeline runs. If you're still having trouble resolving this issue, please provide more details about how and where you're invoking the function that's causing this error, and I can offer more targeted advice.