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03/13/2024, 5:38 PM
Dagster job succeeds despite the exception in the execution of a script in that job. Why?


03/13/2024, 5:38 PM
In Dagster, a job may be reported as successful even if an exception occurs during the execution of a script or a part of the job under certain circumstances. This can happen if the exception is handled appropriately within the job's execution logic. Here are a few reasons why a job might succeed despite an exception: 1. Retry Logic: If the job has retry logic built into it, such as using
or a
, then the job may retry the failed step, and if it succeeds on a subsequent attempt, the job as a whole may be reported as successful. 2. Handled Exceptions: If the script or part of the job that raises an exception is wrapped in a try-except block, and the exception is caught and handled without re-raising it, then the job may continue executing the remaining steps and could complete successfully. 3. Branching Logic: The job might have branching logic where the failure of one branch doesn't necessarily cause the entire job to fail. For example, certain steps might be marked as optional or have conditional execution paths that allow the job to proceed even if some steps fail. 4. Custom Logic in Hooks or Resources: If there are custom hooks or resources that intercept exceptions and implement custom logic to mark steps as successful or to continue execution, this could lead to a job succeeding despite exceptions. 5. Misconfiguration or Bugs: There could be a misconfiguration in the job or a bug in the system that incorrectly reports the job status. For example, if the job monitoring or status reporting mechanisms are not functioning correctly, they might not reflect the actual state of the job. 6. External Systems Handling: Sometimes, the exception might be related to an external system, and the job's responsibility is to trigger an action in that system. If the external system handles the exception internally and reports success back to Dagster, the job might be considered successful. If you are experiencing a situation where a job succeeds despite an exception and this behavior is unexpected, it's important to review the job's code to understand the exception handling and retry logic. Additionally, you can check the logs and any custom hooks or resources that might affect the job's execution flow. The documentation does not provide a specific answer to why a job would succeed despite an exception without more context on the job's configuration and code. If you need further assistance with debugging this issue, you can provide more details about the job's setup, and we can offer more targeted advice or suggest ways to investigate the problem.