Hey everyone! Today’s the big day… Dagster Day! :c...
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Hey everyone! Today’s the big day… Dagster Day! celebrate Be sure to

join us here

at 9:00 AM PST for the livestream (less than one hour from now!!). 🎥 Also, if you want to help us make the most of this launch and get the word out, here are some ideas we would ❤️ to get your help on! • Nick wrote a launch post you will find here, which you could retweet here. • Stay tuned to twitter during the launch, retweet posts you're excited about, and keep the conversation going • We posted to Product Hunt here and would love to see Dagster get an upvote - if you have a minute please check it out and add a comment. • Finally, we are at 5,100 Github stars and counting! Stars are actually incredibly helpful for publicizing and expanding the community, so please chip in and star the repo See y'all there! 🌈
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Live now!


Where do we we ask questions?
they’re taking them from the youtube stream chat
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ah I was maximised didn’t see it
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