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06/10/2022, 1:48 AM
We're excited to share that we are partnering with Dennis Hume (@dhume, Data Engineer at Dutchie) and co:rise to build a course on Data Engineering with Dagster! The course launches on August 15th –sign up HERE and read more below: A well built data platform allows for fast iteration and safe deployments. This course will teach you how to design, build, and maintain a data platform that supports a wide range of data tasks. You will start by taking a simple data workflow, common to most companies, and deconstructing it to its core components. By the end of the course, you will reimplement the pipeline using modern data frameworks, running in the cloud. We'll also have special guest lectures featuring folks from the Dagster team. Want to help us share this around? Here are the LinkedIn and Twitter posts about it. Looking forward to an awesome class! 😄
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06/10/2022, 1:52 AM
let's gooo
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Stephen Bailey

06/10/2022, 3:46 PM
great idea!

Bennett Norman

06/14/2022, 7:31 PM
Looks great! Are the lectures available asynchronously?
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Oren Lederman

06/15/2022, 11:02 PM
ditto ^^^ 8am pacific time is not ideal

Daniel Michaelis

06/16/2022, 2:37 PM
Sounds great but the duration is unclear to me from the description. May I ask how long each lecture and project session lasts? And what would be the total duration in hours?
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06/16/2022, 7:24 PM
Both the lecture and project session are about an hour and you only need to attend one project session. Also the 8am PT lecture will will be recorded if you can’t make that time
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