:newspaper: Our eleventh Dagster Community Meeting...
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📰 Our eleventh Dagster Community Meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, February 8 at 9AM PT. Join us on Zoom! To register for a calendar invite, fill out this form. 🎙️ Here's the agenda:@mrdavidlaing, Staff Data Engineer @ VMware, will talk about about using monitoring to drive the creation of high quality data assets with Dagster. • @owen, Software Engineer @ Elementl, will demo recent work on software-defined assets, showing how they interact with ingest tools (like Fivetran or Airbyte), as well as dbt. As always, we'll have some time for general Q&A.  We're looking forward to seeing you there!
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You can check out the recorded community meeting here!


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Wow amazing stuff, looking forward to 0.14.0
This is mind-blowing to me. Something I knew in vendor-locked tools such as ascend.io have but am really happy to see this in dagster and open-sourced. Huge thanks! Congrats to the whole team on this! Looking forward to play with it and build the modern data stack with airbyte, dbt and dagster :)