Hello <!channel>, We’ve known for a long time tha...
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Hello <!channel>, We’ve known for a long time that for many enterprises, the stability, security, and scale of hosted services are key when adopting open source technologies.  So we knew that in 2021, we would need to build a hosted service to extend the capabilities of open-source Dagster, simplify deployment, and help more organizations manage the complexity of their data platforms. And over the last several months, we’ve been in closed beta with early design partners -- that’s some of you! We’re now very excited to announce the Early Access program for Dagster Cloud. With Cloud, you never have to upgrade a database or worry about backwards compatibility with existing code. You can manage multiple teams in isolated execution environments without heavyweight provisioning. And Cloud comes with enterprise SSO integrations and built-in granular RBAC. We see Dagster Cloud as complementary to open source. Getting big enterprises to run their data platforms on Dagster will only make our community stronger and our project more robust.  For smaller users who don’t want or need the full flexibility and pluggability of our open-source deployment options, Cloud can be a simple way to onboard and get the benefits of Dagster without the burden of infrastructure management -- which will help us grow the open-source community to users who find the existing deployment paths too frictionful. Sign up here for early access. Feel free to DM me or @max directly if you have questions about whether Dagster Cloud might be right for you. We’ve also posted a tweetstorm describing the product. Please like and RT!
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