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<!channel> elementl + dagsir We’re thrilled to announce Elementl’s Series A. For those of you who don’t know Elementl is the company behind Dagster. Our 14MM USD Series A was led by Index Ventures by Mike Volpi, who is on the board of Elementl, along with Cockroach Labs, Elastic, Confluent, Starburst, and other leading open core companies. We deliberately chose an investor who understand the value of open-source communities, but also has the experience of building awesome companies that can sustain those projects and communities. Joining that investment are top firms such as Sequoia Capital, Slow Ventures, Coatue, Amplify Partners, OSS Capital, Neo, and others. We’ll also be announcing broader early access to Dagster Cloud in the coming weeks. This is important for a couple reasons. One is that we think the service can provide enormous value right now easing operational burden, deployment, and building advanced capabilities targeted to enterprises that are easier and more efficient to develop and deploy centrally. Stay tuned to hear more about that. But more broadly, it is important for every stakeholder to know that there is a durable business that exists that will support Dagster for the long-term. Many of you have placed enormous bets on Dagster, both in terms of your time, careers, and energy, in addition to the infrastructure at your organization. We want to honor that investment with a commitment to building a project and a business so that Dagster fulfills its promise of being a foundational layer for the modern data ecosystem. As part of our rollout we will also be articulating our principles around the relationship between Elementl the company and Dagster the OSS project. Our goal is to build an awesome business, but in a way where we articulate values so that everyone in the community understands the dividing line between the open-source project and our proprietary products. Developers tend to not trust companies that don’t articulate this barrier well, and rightly so. Those companies end up shifting what is open and what is not based on short-term competitive or business pressure. Our goal is to lay out a framework that you believe makes sense, is fair, enables us to build a successful business, but where you can predict our decision-making going forward. Please read more about our funding and the future of the project and company here: https://dagster.io/blog/decade-of-data Here’s my tweetstorm on twitter; https://twitter.com/schrockn/status/1460686324256555009 Please feel free to share broadly!
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congrats yall! daggy love
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AMAZING. dope product, you guys deserve it
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Congrats! Great series A backed by an awesome team & product!
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Huge congrats!! 👏 well done! Love dagster 😊
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Congrats! What an amazing list of investors whoa guys
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Well deserved 👏! I feel I can speak for many here saying that Elementl elementl and this community dagster angel keep pleasantly surprising us with relentless innovation and thoughtfulness. We love Dagster, and can't wait for what's in store...
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Congrats on the series A! This is great news for all of us downstream users!