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10/21/2021, 10:21 PM
D 👌 pnkdaggy <!channel> We're excited to announce 0.13.0! Dagster 0.13.0 "Get The Party Started" We’re proud to release version 0.13.0 of Dagster. This foundational change in the Dagster ecosystem brings dramatic improvements to our core APIs, and a completely revamped UI and design language. 0.13.0 represents the most significant change in the project since its initial release. New Core APIs The job, op, and graph APIs (first announced in this blog post) now represent the stable core of the system, and replace pipelines, solids, composite solids, modes, and presets as Dagster’s core abstractions. All of Dagster’s documentation - tutorials, examples, table of contents - is in terms of these new core APIs. Pipelines, modes, presets, solids, and composite solids are still supported, but are now considered “Legacy APIs”. We will maintain backcompatibility with the legacy APIs for some time, however, we believe the new APIs represent an elegant foundation for Dagster going forward. As time goes on, we will be adding new features that only apply to the new core. All in all, the new APIs provide increased clarity - they unify related concepts, make testing more lightweight, and simplify operational workflows in Dagit. For comprehensive instructions on how to transition to the new APIs, refer to the migration guide. Improved Python Logging Capabilities You no longer have to pass a context object around to do basic logging. Many updates have been made to our logging system to make it more compatible with the python logging module. You can now capture logs produced by standard python loggers, set a global python log level, and set python log handlers that will be applied to every log message emitted from the Dagster framework. Check out the docs here! Dagit Redesign Dagit has received a complete makeover. This includes a refresh to the color palette and general design patterns, as well as functional changes that make common Dagit workflows more elegant. These changes are designed to go hand in hand with the new set of core APIs to represent a stable core for the system going forward. Attached are some screenshots of the newly designed UI.
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