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04/20/2021, 1:55 AM
😇 We recently updated Dagster’s Code of Conduct! All participants in the Dagster community in spaces such as Slack, GitHub, Dagster Community Events, or any Dagster-sanctioned channel of communication share in this Code of Conduct so that we all know how to best support and contribute to our thriving community. For Slack, we have a couple of guidelines that we’d like to share: • 🙋 Start discussions in the right channels💪 Craft questions with sufficient detail to reproduce issues or address any concerns • 🧵 Use threads for discussions • 🆕 Create new discussions, rather than diverting discussions to new directions midstream • Do not demand attention by cross-posting discussions, sending messages outside threads to bump conversations, or explicitly mentioning
, or community members • Do not solicit community members about your products and services If a rule is not being followed, we will give a gentle reminder along with a link to the Code of Conduct. Repeated infractions will result in consequences. Please follow these rules with good-faith effort! For any concerns and questions you would like to raise, please contact and we will address them immediately. Thanks for following our community standards! Dagster will always be a welcoming place with your kindness and support ❤️
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