Hi Dagster channel! I have a new question. I hope ...
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Hi Dagster channel! I have a new question. I hope this one is simple: • I have an @solid that needs to do some work and return a Boolean if it did it or not. Basically a Perforce sync on a folder path. So far thats working. • The output needs to go to two other @solids because they can't begin until they are sure the first @solid returned True. • I did this (see pictures). I think I set it up correctly, and I see (in the first graph pic) that it IS mapping
result ---> get_tool_files: p4_synced
, and
result -----> resolve_depots:p4_synced
is the name of the first input on each @solid down pipe... But, weirdly, the graph doesn't show a connection to the second @solid!? It only shows the first connected. I expected something like the third pic, from the documentation example where
is passed to two solids down the pipe. Thoughts? Is this just a graphical hick-up...or are they not connected?
Hm, I’m not aware of any changes to the rendering here — @Ben Gotow do you know of any?
I think I figured it out! I guess I had to put a trailing comma after BOTH of the parameters to the next @solid in the @pipeline (see images). That's an odd expectations, but maybe this will help others?
That's definitely not expected that a comma there should make a difference